Josh Senior

-Chimera climbing - tunbridge wells.
-The Strength and conditioning institute.
-Beyond hope.
At my first international comp, a masters in Imst, my wife and two boys were with me. The nerves fully got to me and I climbing the first couple of routes terribly but by the final route (of 6) I had relaxed and just started to enjoy climbing and I did some of the best climbing I've ever done with my two little ones watching. was a very cool introduction to the international circuit!
Mostly at Chimera Climbing in Tonbridge Wells. I try and get somewhere where I can rope up about once a week and thats usually white spider or Craggy Island but I always love trying new walls and plan to get outside far more in the next year than I've managed in the last year.
To win world championships I guess. If paraclimbing makes it into the Paralympics while I'm still competing then I would love to be involved but more importantly than that, I want to enjoy climbing for as long as possible and tick off some big iconic routes around the world. I really want to see the sport grow and develop so I want to be involved in more grass roots stuff to get more people into paraclimbing too.
Other members of the gb para squad. The psych of the team just seems to be really high at the moment and everyones pushing themselves hard which means in turn we are all pushing and motivating each other. Its a really awesome thing to be involved in!
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