Abbie Robinson

Category: B2 Visually Impaired

Hometown: Sunderland

How many years have you been on GB Climbing Team?: 1

Describe some of your most memorable competition moments:

Achieving bronze in my first national competition at the Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships in 2014 (and 2015) despite my visual impairment.

Gold in my first national paraclimbing competition and achieving 100% in the Newcastle and Edinburgh rounds.

Where do you usually train?:

The Climbing Lab, Sunderland Wall, Climb Newcastle and The Lakeland Climbing Centre

Describe some of your long term ambitions within climbing: 

I'd love to make the podium at some international events and perhaps be involved in the 2028 Paralympics if I get the opportunity. I really want to encourage others with disabilities to get involved in climbing and hopefully help promote the sport and see it grow over the coming years.

Who inspires you within climbing?:

Everyone else in the paraclimbing community; we're all so diverse physically yet so similar in our collective passion for the sport and its development. Everyone is really psyched to push themselves and each other so I'm really excited to be part of it.
I'm constantly inspired by the friends around me as they have continuously supported me over the years to reach this point and I am incredibly grateful.

Any other comments?: Find me on Instagram: @abbie.paraclimbing